Community Above Profit


 We are a group of homeowners and tenants who represent the interests of all Los Angelenos affected by the Short Term Rental (STR) abuses.

STRs are illegal in Los Angeles and the Short Term Rental ‘boom’ is having a myriad of negative consequences on Los Angeles communities:
• Neighborhoods with unique feels and flavors that make Los Angeles what it is are being lost to the STR boom
• Tenants are being evicted and bullied out of their homes for STR conversion
• The STR boom is resulting in higher rents, pricing some long time residents out of their homes

• STRs are converting residentially zoned areas into de facto commercial zones

Community Above Profit (CAP) is a coalition of Los Angeles residents dedicated to protecting neighborhoods from short term rental abuses.

The Community Above Profit (CAP) mission is threefold:
1. PROTECTION – CAP provides organization and resources to protect Los Angelenos from the negative consequences of the STR boom.

2. EDUCATION – CAP educates the public on their rights and what they can do to help prevent their neighborhoods from being overwhelmed by STRs.
3. REGULATION – CAP educates and informs city leaders of the problems STRs are causing in Los Angeles communities.