Community Above Profit


  • Do you want to have a loss of a cohesive community? 
  • Do you want to be evicted so owner can convert to illegal STR?


  • Landlords are evicting or bullying tenants to convert units to STR, thereby making the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO)

           ineffective, and pricing some long term residents out of their communities. 

  • Properties are being bought and renovated solely for STR use, further exacerbating an existing housing shortage. 

  • In some LA neighborhood with a high concentration of STR, rents are 20% higher than rents citywide (LA Weekly, 3/11/16)

  • In some cities with legalized STR, rent has increased by as much as $76/month by removing housing stock (Wall St Journal,3/20/15)

  • In Los Angeles 7316 units were taken of the market in 10/2014 (LAANE,8/24/15)

  • In some parts of Los Angeles, 12% of all housing has become illegal STR in 10/2014 (LAANE,8/24/15).

  • Commercial Airbnb activity costs LA renters more than $464 million in increased rent annually in 10/2014 (LAANE,8/24/15)

  • STR removes 11 rental unit/day (LA Weekly, 3/11/16)


STR will negatively affect our community by creating:

  • More traffic and less parking
  • More crime
  • More trash
  • More noise
  • Renting our residentially zoned units as accommodation for travelers runs counter to land use regulations and zoning